Thanksgiving has finally arrived here and the makeup junkies are getting ready for what comes next: Black Friday. Black Friday makeup sales can be utterly awe-inspiring—but the amount of people cramming into busy stores and not being able to move around and get what you want can be overwhelming and make a you want to just go back home and have a nice cup of coffee and ride out the Black Friday storm. This is why we have collected the best Black Friday makeup and skin care deals to guide you right to the best spots. Macy’s and the other great stores on 5th Avenue might have great deals, but 5th Avenue is jam packed on Black Friday. So, online options are available at your favourite makeup and beauty products, but again with the mass of online offers, it is hard to weed though the massive amount of offer being thrown at you, almost makes me think that if I turn on my computer on Black Friday, it will literally overload with the amount of great special offers being bombarded at your screen all at once. Also, a big problem is the “NEW” Black Friday product offers are not new at all, in fact they are the same items on sale, just a different sticker, this one that says “Black Friday Sale”, so we are going to try to carefully sort through in advance of the big selling day, and hunt down and find “the New Black” friday sales !
I started by going to one end of the city to the other, stopping by my favourite New York stores, for the best natural skin care and makeup in the city, I have literally got blisters on my blisters. New shoes are definitely on my x-mas list. So without further adieu…. here are my favourite “New Black” Friday makeup sale items……drum roll please.
IMG_6718New Black Friday Deal #1 – MAC – MINERALIZE SKINFINISH NATURAL ,A slow-baked powder with 77-Mineral Complex that provides a natural, dimensional finish. MAC looks like they are having a Black Friday Sale on this product… it is a staple in my make up drawer, I got three, as they were 40% off.
New Black Friday Deal #2 – Shiseido Advanced Super Revitalizer Cream, love this stuff and I found that it was on sale for 50% off, I this it was a reasonable find and put it at a price range I had available…so new deal #2 – cha ching…
New Black Friday Deal #3 – Shu Uemura Black Lift Renewing Firming Night Cream , I love this night crème and this was a great find on sale, however with these prices, I indulge only once and while, so Black Friday and a new sale…I am all over it and now it is all over me at night…win-win.

Royal Canadian-mineral-water-spray

New Black Friday Deal #4 – Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray , I am hot and sticky from all the people around me in these clammy hot stores, I am actually using this mineral water spray before I even leave the store, I kind of wish it were mace instead to maybe keep the people away, not far away, just enough so I can breath… can there be this many people in the same store at once.
New black Friday deal #5 – RMS Beauty Living Luminizer – makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift regularly gives Victoria’s Secret models their girl-next-door glow. Her natural products, which uses mica to impart a gentle sheen to skin) contain the absolute bare-minimum ingredients, and Gisele and Miranda Kerr have given them their approval. I like natural mineral skin care products and mineral make up, as a general rule they seem to not make my face break out.
Ok, so my feet are killing me and I have been elbowed more times than an MMA fighter in a title bout, I was hoping to do a top 10, but I will do it next time…for now 5 is the magic number. Enjoy my New Black Friday tips on great deals.